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kids playing basketball
Youth Basketball Camp
235 Weekly
Join our dynamic Youth Basketball Camp where children hone their skills in dribbling, shooting, defense, and mastering one-on-one moves. Led by experienced coaches, participants receive personalized instruction to elevate their game and foster a deep passion for the sport.
A4H Youth Sports Camp Group Photo
Youth Sport Camp
235 Weekly
Join our dynamic Youth Sports Camp where children enhance their physical literacy by mastering fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, throwing, kicking, and catching. Through participating in basketball, soccer, and running and dodging games, participants develop athleticism, teamwork, and a love for staying active!
black kids playing basketball
Junior Sports Camp
235 Weekly
Join our Junior Sports Camp where young athletes will participate in soccer, basketball, European handball, and dodgeball games to help master essential movement skills while having a blast. Through diverse activities and games, participants develop agility, coordination, and a lifelong love for staying active!
coaches with kids basketball teams
Junior Basketball Camp
235 Weekly
Join our Junior Basketball Camp where young athletes refine their abilities in dribbling, shooting, defense, and one-on-one moves all while immersing themselves in engaging gameplay sessions. Athletes are challenged both mentally and physically to elevate their game to new heights.
All-Girls Elite Basketball Camp
All-Girls Basketball & STEM Camp
180 Weekly
Join our All Girls Basketball and STEM Camp where girls will enhance their basketball skills and explore STEM concepts. Through tailored coaching and engaging activities, we foster a supportive environment where girls thrive both on and off the court, building confidence and competence in basketball and science.