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Refund Policy

Refund Policy: Summer Camp

No refunds after June 15th of every summer for absenteeism or scheduling conflicts. Prior to June 15th, registration fees will be refunded less a $50 administration fee.


A prorated credit will be given for documented illness or injury with a letter from a physician. Credit is based on a fee less $50 admin fee less prorated number of camp days from receipt of physician letter and will be valid for one year.


Absolutely no refunds for campers who demonstrate poor or unacceptable behaviour and are removed from camp.

Refund Policy: Development League, Jr. NBA, and Private Training

No refunds. A prorated credit will be given for documented illness or injury with a letter from a physician. Credit is based on a fee less prorated number of program days from receipt of physician letter and will be valid for any program for one year.

Behavioural Policy

If a camper is having behavioural challenges we have a fair process.

We want all children to be successful and will work with the child and parent to ensure this success. We do have to consider the other campers and if a camper’s behavior is affecting other campers, it is then we must decide whether a child stays at camp or goes home.There are specific behaviours we send campers home for: physically hurting other campers, endangering campers, ongoing deviance.

Medication Policy

Parents/Guardians must report any medical condition of campers upon registration and fill out the appropriate form: Medical administration Form (ie. puffer), Epinephrine Form, and/or Medical condition Form (ie. seizure, heart condition, etc). All medication that comes into Aspire for Higher Camps must be in its original container, labeled with the name of the participant, name of the medication, and dosage. All medication will be handed over to our camp admin at check-in and stored in our medical box. All medication MUST be returned to a parent/guardian at check-out each day. Aspire for Higher staff can only provide the medication when needed to campers, THEY MUST ADMINISTER IT THEMSELVES (even an EpiPen, only in extreme and dire circumstances will we assist with epi-pen administration).

Bullying Policy

Aspire for Higher Camps will not tolerate bullying amongst campers. We believe in the inherent value of every individual and will provide an effective response toward all known bullying behaviours. Campers will be trained through our Camper Code, which will be discussed in-depth on-site during the first morning of camp, and available in print in several strategic places around the camp for reference. In general, a “two-strike” policy is followed. After the first incident, a coach will address the situation with both the aggressor and the victim. During a private meeting with the aggressor, the coach will explain the consequences of bullying. The aggressor may be separated from the group. The parents of both parties will be notified. An incident report will be filed with camp admin which will require parental signatures from both parties. If a second incident should occur, parents will be notified immediately and the aggressor will be sent home from camp. Cases of extreme bullying are not subject to the two-strike rule. If it is proven that there was intent to seriously harm another child through physical or verbal means the aggressor will face expulsion from camp. His or her parents will be called for immediate pickup (NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED).

Inappropriate Touching

Our camp has a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate touching. Inappropriate touching refers to any form of touching that is unwelcome, non-consensual or violates personal boundaries. This includes, but is not limited to, touching private areas, touching in a sexual or aggressive manner, non-consensual hugging or any other form of unwanted physical contact. Any camper, staff member, or individual engaging in such behaviour will face immediate consequences, including the removal from camp without a refund.