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The A4H Staff is made up of professional athletes, current college and university student athletes, and accredited teaching professionals with impressive athletic (and academic) resumes. We offer in-school programs and presentations for each of our core sports and wellness programs. Interested schools can reach out to us for more information about programs and pricing at info@a4hsports.ca

kids practicing basketball with coach

Phys-Ed Take Over

Our interactive physed class takeover sessions implement a variety of basketball skills,
teaching of key fundamentals in the game of basketball, and fun games! A4H staff will share their journeys and provide a motivational experience for kids. Kids will receive prizes and free give-aways!

This is also an opportunity for our staff to provide your Physical Education teachers with exciting drills that they can implement in their own classes.

We offer sessions for the following sports:

Steam Program


A4H is excited to announce the launch of our academic learning chapter with our STEAM educational sessions. STEAM is the abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math and is an integrated approach to learning that encourages students to think more broadly and deeply about real-world problems bringing them one step closer to becoming innovators, researchers, educators and world leaders. In this comprehensive and hands-on program, students will have the opportunity to learn through building projects which incorporate computing, automation, engineering and technology.
basketball training with coach

Wellness Sport Program

The Wellness Sport Program is a fun and interactive program that uses sport and educational sessions to improve youth’s mental wellness. This program focuses on developing leadership, improving physical activity and educational sessions on mental wellness topics and anti-Black racism. All of the educational content is aligned with the Ontario curriculum.